Ethical Case Studies


Select the ethical case study and read it during the morning announcements.  Then have the students use the 4 Way Test and discuss.  Have the teachers send their response to the office.  Maybe read the best answer the next day.

1. Julia always has a dance class on Monday after school.  This coming Monday, however, Julia, has more homework than usual and a big test on Wednesday.  Julia is thinking about skipping the dance class and hanging out with her friends to work on her homework and study.  What do you think Julia should do?

2. Simone is going to her aunt’s house for dinner.  She is excited because she hasn’t seen her aunt in a long time.  When the time for dinner arrives, Simone doesn’t know what to do.  Her aunt is serving food that Simone doesn’t like.  How should Simone respond?

3. Katy has a nickname, Katybug.  Usually only her mom and dad call her that at home, but lately they have been saying it more often and in public.  Katy feels kinda embarrassed because she thinks she is too old for a nickname like that.  Should Katy confront her parents or should she not say anything?

4. Maria and Rosie have been best friends since Kindergarten.  They always had the same friends, liked the same movies, and they even liked the same foods.  Now that they are entering the Fifth grade, Maria and Rosie aren’t hanging out as much as they use to, they are starting to have different friends, though they still make time to hang out together.  Do you think that Maria and Rosie have a problem?

5. Alex is an awesome bike rider.  It seems like every year that Alex wins the bike rodeo.  This year, Zach doesn’t want to enter in the bike rodeo because he feels there is no chance for him to win.  Should Zach stay out of the rodeo?  What should Alex do?

6. Mike is your average fourth grader.  He does okay in school, has a few good friends, but sometimes has a hard time making good decisions.  He recently learned the 4-Way Test and thinks that might be good tool to use when he isn’t sure what do to.  At recess, Mike found some money, and picked it up.  Mike started thinking about all the candy that would buy, then had another thought.  How can the 4-Way Test resolve this situation for Mike?

7. After school everyday, lots of kids head to the neighborhood pool to swim and hang out.  Tony really wants to go, but he can’t swim.  His mom told him to go and just hang out by the pool, but Tony doesn’t want to be laughed at.  What should Tony do, and do you think the other students can do to help Tony?

8. Ashley has a secret.  No one knows what it is, and Ashley won’t tell.  Ashley isn’t sure what to do because this secret is too big.  Should she tell someone about her secret?  How does the 4-Way Test apply to secrets?

9. Bobby missed the bus at school one afternoon because he was finishing up an assignment for the teacher.  He doesn’t want to call his parents, because they may get angry at him.  He can walk home, it’s not too far, but he would have to cross a major road.  He might also be able to get a ride from a friend if they haven’t left yet.  What should Bobby do?

10. Johnny and Gina are best friends.  They have been friends since pre-school.  Both are excited about leaving fifth grade and going to sixth grade.  On the last day of fifth grade, while waiting for the bus, several friends are hanging around Johnny and Gina.  They start teasing Johnny and Gina about being boyfriend and girlfriend and that when they get to sixth grade, they can’t be “friends” anymore.  What should Johnny and Gina do?

11. Rebecca and Adrianne are spending the night at Rebecca’s house.  Rebecca’s mom rented several movies for the girls to stay up all night and watch.  One of the movies, though, is rated “R” and Adrianne is not allowed to watch those movies.  Rebecca has been really wanting to see that movie, and wonders if Adrianne should watch it anyways.  After all, it’s not a scary movie or anything like that.  Should Adrianne watch the movie, what should Rebecca do?

12. Juan loves to read.  He is always checking out books at the library.  After school, one afternoon, another students accidentally spills a soda on one of Juan’s library books.  It was an accident and the student didn’t want Juan to tell his parents, because he would get in trouble.  What should Juan do?