EAFK Folder and Journal


Below is the construction and artwork links for the EAFK Journal, along with sample journaling material.

Folder Construction

This folder is a pocketed three bradded folder.  Students can keep all of their EAFK items together. The EAFK folder is a great way to help students organize and keep all EAFK papers together.  It also adds an opportunity for teachers to use journaling and morning announcements as a way to continue the character lessons/ instructions.

Front Cover:  Glue to the front cover of the folder and have students fill out their name and have them decorate?

Inside Front Panel: Any parent letters or information to be taken home.

Bradded section:  Journal cover with loose leaf paper sheets.  More sheets can be added as needed.

Back panel:  Have students keep their certificates and recognitions in the back section.  Each month, every student gets a recognition certificate for completing the month’s activities.  Included are the half size certificates.  The students can glue the certificate to a piece of construction paper and store in the back pocket of the folder.  Not only are the certificates stored there, but also the other recognitions the student receives (Silent Knight recognition, etc.).

Folder Artwork