Silent Knight Program


Below are the items needed for the Silent Knight Program.  This program is to be instituted at your campus as a way to encourage students to do the right thing, because it is the right thing.  

When you see a student doing an act of service without thought of recognition, you will give them the following slip of paper.  Once the student has obtained 3-5 of these (the number is based on what works best for your campus.)  Once the students have obtained the number of slips needed, they turn the slips in to the office for a Silent Knight Spirit Stick.  The student with the most Spirit Sticks at the end of the school year will be awarded a special prize.

Silent Knight Slips

Print these out and handout as needed for students caught being a Silent Knight.

Silent Knight Spirit Sticks

Here is the order form for the Spirit Sticks at the bottom of the order form.  

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